Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga


The large Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga are an award-winning, charting regional Mexican group from Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Founded in 2003 as a 15-member band by tuba player Sergio Lizárraga and his brother, clarinettist Alberto Lizarraga. Their original lead vocalist was a young Julion Alvarez.
After a short period of playing local festivals and weddings, they were signed to Disa and gained a 16th member in vocalist Alan Ramírez in 2004.
Their debut album, No podrás appeared that same year and was a success at radio. Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga toured hard, playing all over the Sinaloan region and branching out throughout Mexico. Mi mayor anhelo appeared in 2005, again to great radio fanfare and slow but sure increase in sales as well as their touring reputation: The band began to establish a fanbase in the United States as well.
Alvarez left for a solo career in 2006, so Ramírez and Oswaldo Silvas filled the space. The band didn't completely break through commercially for several more albums, but Disa stuck with them and sales grew. 2008's Escuela de Rancho featuring the smash single "El Mechón," finally sent them to the top of the radio charts and into the Top Ten of mexican regional recordings at home. Corridos Atrevidos appeared in 2009 and featured the single "El 24" ; it cemented their position in the marketplace and on tour. 2011's Amor Enfermo peaked inside the top 30, while the group's final pair of recordings for Disa, 2012's Mi Razon de Ser and 2013's 10 Aniversario both landed inside the top ten.
Banda Sinaloense MS de Sergio Lizarraga signed to Universal in late 2013, and began working with the best songwriters on the Traditional Mexican music scene on their label debut. In April of 2014, the single "No me pidas perdón," the title track for their forthcoming album was pre-released. It spent 16 weeks in the top spot on various charts. The album followed in July with similar results and in October, second single "Háblame de ti," lasted over 15 weeks in the top two; pushing the album back up—it landed inside the top five on the US Latin charts in early 2015. It proved a busy year. Universal released a hits collection in the spring, followed by a new live album in July and the collection 20 Corridos Bien Perrones in October, all while the group was touring and recording sessions for a new studio album. "A lo mejor"—from the live album— charted as a single that summer, followed in the fall by an edited version of "Piensalo" —both charted. In Feburary the following year, a new single "Solo con verte" and the studio date, Que Bendición were released. Both hit the charts immediately and began to attract the public to cuts from their back catalogue (off the greatest hits record) moving them onto airplay and digital sales charts as well.

Genre: Música Mexicana 

Years Active: '00s, '10s