Download Album Halsey - BADLANDS (Deluxe Edition)

Song Artist Duration Size
Control Halsey 03:34 7.22 MB
Gasoline Halsey 03:19 6.73 MB
Drive Halsey 04:18 8.70 MB
Young God Halsey 03:00 6.12 MB
New Americana Halsey 03:03 6.28 MB
Hold Me Down Halsey 03:24 6.93 MB
Colors, Pt. II Halsey 01:36 3.50 MB
Strange Love Halsey 04:07 8.32 MB
Hurricane Halsey 03:43 7.54 MB
Haunting Halsey 04:20 8.72 MB
I Walk the Line Halsey 02:45 5.73 MB
Castle Halsey 04:37 9.26 MB
Roman Holiday Halsey 03:21 6.85 MB
Colors Halsey 04:09 8.37 MB
Coming Down Halsey 03:43 7.46 MB
Ghost Halsey 02:33 5.49 MB
The album Halsey - BADLANDS (Deluxe Edition) contains 16 tracks that accumulates 00:55:32 minutes or 113.24 MB
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A short description:
Halsey’s debut, Badlands, is one of those listen-on-repeat albums whose cool colors and icy layers shape-shift with every play. A moody, electro-pop singer/songwriter in the vein of Lorde and Ellie Goulding, Halsey has a resounding voice with just a dusting of grit. Badlands feels so ripped from her personal journal that you instantly connect with her freedom and vulnerability. And when she speaks truth on “Castle” and “New Americana,” it’s like the graduation speech you’ve always wanted to hear.