Download Album Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory? [Remastered]

Song Artist Duration Size
Some Might Say (Remastered) Oasis 05:27 11.14 MB
Morning Glory (Remastered) Oasis 05:04 11.03 MB
Wonderwall (Remastered) Oasis 04:18 9.68 MB
Untitled (Version 2) [Remastered] Oasis 00:40 1.87 MB
Untitled (Version 1) [Remastered] Oasis 00:44 2.01 MB
Cast No Shadow (Remastered) Oasis 04:54 10.96 MB
Champagne Supernova (Remastered) Oasis 07:28 15.56 MB
Roll With It (Remastered) Oasis 04:00 8.52 MB
Hey Now! (Remastered) Oasis 05:41 12.21 MB
Hello (Remastered) Oasis 03:22 7.00 MB
She's Electric (Remastered) Oasis 03:39 8.14 MB
Don't Look Back In Anger (Remastered) Oasis 04:49 9.87 MB
The album Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory? [Remastered] contains 12 tracks that accumulates 00:50:06 minutes or 107.99 MB
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A short description:
Oasis’ debut, Definitely Maybe, rocked hard, but their second album, Morning Glory, broke away from that formula. The string arrangements on lush ballads like “Wonderwall” and “Cast No Shadow” show the band's sensitive side, while new drummer Alan White toughens up rockers like “Roll With It” and “Some Might Say.” As usual, singer Liam Gallagher is both sassy and sweet; the awe-inspiring epic “Champagne Supernova" is the sound of perfection.