Download Album Johnny Cash - The Legend of Johnny Cash

Song Artist Duration Size
Get Rhythm Johnny Cash 02:13 4.70 MB
Ring of Fire Johnny Cash 02:35 5.77 MB
Sunday Morning Coming Down Johnny Cash 04:07 8.52 MB
Jackson Johnny Cash & June Carter 02:46 6.59 MB
Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash 02:49 5.88 MB
One Piece At a Time Johnny Cash 04:01 8.72 MB
The Man Comes Around (Early Take) Johnny Cash 03:49 8.50 MB
I Walk the Line Johnny Cash 02:44 5.70 MB
I've Been Everywhere Johnny Cash 03:16 6.63 MB
The Wanderer U2 & The Edge 04:44 9.54 MB
Highwayman Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash & Kris Kristofferson 03:03 6.48 MB
Give My Love to Rose Johnny Cash 03:27 6.99 MB
Hey Porter Johnny Cash 02:13 4.69 MB
Delia's Gone Johnny Cash 02:19 4.98 MB
Hurt Johnny Cash 03:38 7.44 MB
A Boy Named Sue Johnny Cash 03:46 8.40 MB
Cry! Cry! Cry! Johnny Cash 02:24 4.96 MB
Guess Things Happen That Way (1958 Single Version) Johnny Cash 01:50 3.96 MB
Rusty Cage Johnny Cash 02:49 5.92 MB
Big River Johnny Cash 02:31 5.28 MB
Man In Black (Single Version) Johnny Cash 02:51 6.36 MB
The album Johnny Cash - The Legend of Johnny Cash contains 21 tracks that accumulates 01:03:55 minutes or 136.00 MB
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A short description:
The breadth of the work Johnny Cash created is astounding, yet this collection impressively chronicles decades of his twists and turns in just 21 tracks. It moves from the foundational rockabilly of "Hey Porter" to the proto-outlaw country of "Folsom Prison Blues" and the sociopolitical commentary of "Man in Black" and beyond, perfectly limning the country giant's path. By the time the tracklist turns to his comeback period, with revelatory reboots of Soundgarden's "Rusty Cage" and Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt," the distance traversed is remarkable.