Download Album Canned Heat - The Very Best of Canned Heat

Song Artist Duration Size
Fried Hockey Boogie Canned Heat 11:02 24.25 MB
Low Down (And High Up) Canned Heat 02:52 5.93 MB
Rock & Roll Music Canned Heat 02:27 5.40 MB
Same All Over Canned Heat 02:52 6.19 MB
Whiskey and Wimmen' Canned Heat 04:37 10.19 MB
Rockin' With the King Canned Heat 03:17 7.22 MB
On the Road Again Canned Heat 04:56 11.15 MB
Henry's Shuffle Canned Heat 04:52 9.77 MB
Human Condition Canned Heat 05:25 11.42 MB
Rollin' and Tumblin' Canned Heat 04:14 9.34 MB
Bullfrog Blues Canned Heat 03:08 6.83 MB
Time Was Canned Heat 03:23 7.73 MB
Let's Work Together Canned Heat 03:13 6.62 MB
Poor Moon Canned Heat 03:26 6.93 MB
Goin' Up the Country Canned Heat 02:51 6.72 MB
Amphetamine Annie Canned Heat 03:32 8.13 MB
Future Blues Canned Heat 02:58 6.86 MB
Dust My Broom Canned Heat 04:58 10.68 MB
Long Way from L.A. Canned Heat 03:07 6.96 MB
The album Canned Heat - The Very Best of Canned Heat contains 19 tracks that accumulates 01:17:10 minutes or 168.32 MB
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A short description:
Most people know Canned Heat best for the two classic-rock radio staples that start off this anthology: "On the Road Again" and "Goin' Up the Country." But they were among the best of the many blues-rock bands to emerge in the U.S. during the style's late-'60s/early-'70s heyday. They backed up John Lee Hooker and earned his admiration (you can hear them here together on "Whiskey and Wimmen'"), and you can't ask for better blues cred than that. This collection captures cuts from all across their six-year tenure at Liberty/United Artists, demonstrating the depth of their blues-baked sound. Not only are they adept at re-energizing tunes like Delta bluesman William Harris's "Bullfrog Blues" and Elmore James's "Rollin' and Tumblin'"; they could convincingly crank out their own burning blues tunes (like "Same All Over") and dig into an extended boogie jam ("Fried Hockey Boogie") without descending into tedium. And even after the departure of guitar star Henry Vestine, the band turned out some blistering blues ("Let's Work Together," "Future Blues") with guitar hero Harvey Mandel.