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Song Artist Duration Size
Titanium / Pavane The Piano Guys 04:50 9.74 MB
Moonlight The Piano Guys 03:28 7.01 MB
Cello Wars The Piano Guys 03:31 7.16 MB
Beethoven's 5 Secrets The Piano Guys 05:09 10.25 MB
The Cello Song The Piano Guys 03:16 6.65 MB
A Thousand Years The Piano Guys 04:36 8.81 MB
Over the Rainbow / Simple Gifts The Piano Guys 03:44 7.45 MB
What Makes You Beautiful The Piano Guys 02:53 5.94 MB
Rolling in the Deep The Piano Guys 03:52 7.66 MB
Peponi (Paradise) The Piano Guys 04:10 8.35 MB
Digital Booklet - The Piano Guys The Piano Guys 00:00 3.15 MB
Michael Meets Mozart The Piano Guys 05:20 11.79 MB
Code Name Vivaldi The Piano Guys 04:06 8.34 MB
Arwen's Vigil The Piano Guys 03:55 7.85 MB
The album The Piano Guys - The Piano Guys contains 13 tracks that accumulates 00:52:50 minutes or 110.15 MB
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A short description:
The Piano Guys are further proof that viral videos can lead to record deals. After posting clips that mashed classical movements into well-known pop songs, The Piano Guys' YouTube channel became one of the world’s most popular. This led to them signing with Sony Masterworks, which released their eponymous 2012 album. Cellist Steven Sharp Nelson has an uncanny knack for sewing together melodies, as evidenced in the opening “Titanium/Pavane,” where he and pianist Jon Schmidt brilliantly weave David Guetta's "Titanium (Feat. Sia)" into Gabriel Faure's "Pavane." But blending songs is just one sliver of The Piano Guys' talents. In “Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts,” they interlock the 1939 song from The Wizard of Oz with “Simple Gifts,” a Shaker hymn from the 1800s (which was also used by Aaron Copland in his ballet Appalachian Spring). Between cello and piano, Nelson and Schmidt work in bouncy reggae rhythms to give the song a spry and summery energy. Saving their best for last, a cover of One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" features five musicians playing one piano.