Download Album AWOLNATION - Megalithic Symphony

Song Artist Duration Size
My Nightmare's Dream AWOLNATION 00:26 1.33 MB
Burn It Down AWOLNATION 02:45 6.10 MB
Sail AWOLNATION 04:19 9.00 MB
Jump On My Shoulders AWOLNATION 04:08 8.51 MB
Swinging from the Castles AWOLNATION 03:04 6.44 MB
Some Sort of Creature AWOLNATION 00:26 1.19 MB
Guilty Filthy Soul AWOLNATION 03:33 7.25 MB
Megalithic Symphony AWOLNATION 00:57 2.52 MB
All I Need AWOLNATION 03:37 7.39 MB
Not Your Fault AWOLNATION 04:02 8.47 MB
People AWOLNATION 03:58 8.27 MB
Kill Your Heroes AWOLNATION 02:58 6.20 MB
Wake Up AWOLNATION 03:02 6.62 MB
Soul Wars AWOLNATION 03:37 7.99 MB
Knights of Shame AWOLNATION 14:58 24.72 MB
The album AWOLNATION - Megalithic Symphony contains 15 tracks that accumulates 00:55:50 minutes or 112.01 MB
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A short description:
“Soul Wars” sets the tone with angst-ridden vocals that rip apart the song’s catchy melody. Bruno sings about his family’s dysfunction on the techno-tinged “People” before waxing a Robin Hood-inspired manifesto on “Jump On My Shoulders.” “Burn It Down” exudes the most energy (especially with those Little Richard-inspired yelps) while the mellower “Sail” plays with more clever radio-pop innovations.