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Song Artist Duration Size
Tapp 3OH!3 01:01 2.61 MB
Starstrukk 3OH!3 03:04 6.43 MB
Im Not Your Boyfriend Baby 3OH!3 03:44 7.75 MB
Don't Trust Me 3OH!3 03:12 6.62 MB
I Can't Do It Alone 3OH!3 03:00 6.20 MB
Photofinnish 3OH!3 03:54 7.93 MB
Richman 3OH!3 03:19 6.78 MB
Colorado Sunrise 3OH!3 03:22 6.79 MB
Still Around 3OH!3 03:07 6.36 MB
Holler Til You Pass Out 3OH!3 04:10 8.54 MB
Chokechain 3OH!3 03:31 7.31 MB
Punkb*Tch 3OH!3 03:51 8.09 MB
The album 3OH!3 - Want contains 12 tracks that accumulates 00:39:15 minutes or 81.41 MB
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A short description:
In the studio this duo from Boulder, Colorado specializes in hilarious hip-hop rhyming over cartoonish electronic soundscapes and synthesizers. With all the witty cynicisms that pepper Want, "Still Around" is an anomaly ballad that stands out like a big, beautiful, sore thumb, weaving minor chord piano notes with a dramatic string section, fitting beats, and emotive lyrics.