Download Album Sister Nancy - One Two

  • Date Released: 2002-03-15
  • Genres: Reggae Music
  • Tracks Count: 10
  • ℗ 2002 Techniques
Song Artist Duration Size
Bam Bam Sister Nancy 03:16 7.36 MB
Transport Connection Sister Nancy 03:45 8.46 MB
Gwan a School Sister Nancy 03:19 7.70 MB
Pegion Rock Sister Nancy 03:26 7.84 MB
I Am a Geddion Sister Nancy 02:56 6.67 MB
Only Woman D.J. With Degree Sister Nancy 03:29 8.03 MB
Coward of the Country Sister Nancy 03:54 8.62 MB
One Two Sister Nancy 03:36 7.48 MB
Roof Over Mi Head Sister Nancy 03:15 7.02 MB
Ain't No Stopping Nancy Sister Nancy 03:19 7.74 MB
The album Sister Nancy - One Two contains 10 tracks that accumulates 00:34:15 minutes or 76.92 MB
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A short description:
A sensational early dancehall album featuring production from the great Winston Riley, One, Two is notable for containing “Bam Bam”: a nimble, effortlessly catchy riff on the deathless Stalag rhythm and one of the most popular dancehall songs of all time. Nancy borrowed the refrain of "Bam Bam" from Yellowman but added original verses that transformed the song into a powerful statement on feminism, ambition, and the Jamaican music scene. It'd be a shame, however, to remember Sister Nancy for only this song. She was a profoundly gifted DJ who'd honed her technique for years under the tutelage of her older brother, Brigadier Jerry. Her relaxed, sing-song style does recall her brother’s at times, particularly on “Ain’t No Stopping Nancy." But Nancy’s work is distinguished by her sly humor, wordplay, and fondness for extended storytelling, as on “Transport Connection," where she paints a vivid picture of the difficulties of international touring while simultaneously riffing on Nicodemus’ hit “Boneman Connection."