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Song Artist Duration Size
Leave It to Me Shaggy 03:37 7.33 MB
Luv Me, Luv Me Shaggy 03:36 7.30 MB
Hey Love Shaggy 04:01 8.80 MB
Keep'n It Real Shaggy 03:54 7.89 MB
Why Me Lord? Shaggy 03:35 7.24 MB
Hot Shot Shaggy 03:47 7.67 MB
Freaky Girl Shaggy 03:44 7.56 MB
Hope Shaggy 03:47 8.25 MB
Angel Shaggy 03:55 7.92 MB
Not Fair Shaggy 03:47 7.64 MB
Lonely Lover Shaggy 03:46 7.65 MB
Chica Bonita Shaggy 04:02 8.12 MB
Dance & Shout (Dance Hall Version) Shaggy 03:47 7.68 MB
It Wasn't Me Shaggy 03:47 7.65 MB
The album Shaggy - Hot Shot contains 14 tracks that accumulates 00:53:05 minutes or 108.70 MB
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A short description:
Though rooted in reggae, Hot Shot is pop in the broadest sense. Shaggy doesn't just mix in '70s funk, fresh hip-hop, and light oldies—he reduces his source material down to melodies and hooks, then rebuilds the track around his joyous, nasal croak. Exhibit A: tender slow jam "Angel," which gives soft rock torch song "Angel of the Morning" a dancehall makeover. "Luv Me, Luv Me" pulls a similar boom-bap-fueled trick on Rose Royce's "Ooh Boy," while the lusty, horn-backed cheater’s anthem "It Wasn't Me" is a true hybrid.