Download Album Muddy Waters - Hard Again

Song Artist Duration Size
Crosseyed Cat Muddy Waters 06:00 11.82 MB
Bus Driver Muddy Waters 07:45 15.17 MB
Deep Down In Florida Muddy Waters 05:25 10.81 MB
I Want To Be Loved #2 Muddy Waters 02:21 4.98 MB
Mannish Boy Muddy Waters 05:24 10.78 MB
Jealous Hearted Man Muddy Waters 04:24 8.83 MB
The Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock and Roll Muddy Waters 03:35 7.31 MB
Little Girl Muddy Waters 07:07 13.98 MB
Walkin' Thru the Park Muddy Waters 03:55 7.94 MB
I Can't Be Satisfied Muddy Waters 03:28 7.68 MB
The album Muddy Waters - Hard Again contains 10 tracks that accumulates 00:49:24 minutes or 99.28 MB
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A short description:
This was the first album Muddy Waters cut on Columbia's new Blue Sky imprint. With blues-rock firebrand Johnny Winters producing, the sexagenarian blues legend experienced an exhilarating artistic (and commercial) rebirth. All the players were part of Muddy's road band except for Winter, who pared down his signature speed-demon style to the bare essentials. By turns both brash and authoritative, Muddy and company kick up a storm straight out of the gate with a slashing, stomping take on Waters' classic "Mannish Boy" that rivals his original version, and things don't let up for an instant from there on.