Download Album Toto - Toto IV

Song Artist Duration Size
Make Believe Toto 03:43 7.88 MB
Rosanna Toto 05:31 11.55 MB
We Made It Toto 03:56 8.45 MB
Africa Toto 04:55 10.42 MB
Good for You Toto 03:17 7.01 MB
Afraid of Love Toto 03:52 8.35 MB
Lovers In the Night Toto 04:25 9.34 MB
I Won't Hold You Back Toto 04:53 10.12 MB
Waiting for Your Love Toto 04:12 8.92 MB
It's a Feeling Toto 03:05 6.50 MB
The album Toto - Toto IV contains 10 tracks that accumulates 00:41:49 minutes or 88.55 MB
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A short description:
Toto’s GRAMMY®-winning album shot the band of top session cats into the pop stratosphere, selling a gazillion copies on the strength of massive hits such as the now-classic “Rosanna” and the soft adult pop of “Africa.” There are also FM-styled guitar-keyboard rockers (“Afraid of Love,” “We Made It,” “Lover in the Night”), a jazzy romp (“Waiting for Your Love”), a piano-bar ballad (“I Won’t Hold You Back”), and a soothing, Jacuzzi-worthy ditty (“It’s a Feeling”). The multitextured set is so evenly produced and thoroughly wrought that every nuanced note feels perfectly placed. It’s a remarkable musical feat.