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Song Artist Duration Size
Digital Booklet - Journey: Greatest Hits Journey 00:00 3.49 MB
Girl Can't Help It Journey 03:50 7.74 MB
Don't Stop Believin' Journey 04:10 8.35 MB
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) Journey 05:26 11.14 MB
Who's Crying Now Journey 05:02 10.13 MB
Lights Journey 03:10 6.59 MB
Open Arms Journey 03:19 6.78 MB
When You Love a Woman Journey 04:07 8.67 MB
Any Way You Want It Journey 03:23 7.28 MB
Be Good to Yourself Journey 03:51 8.00 MB
Send Her My Love Journey 03:55 8.05 MB
Wheel In the Sky Journey 04:12 8.60 MB
Ask the Lonely Journey 03:54 8.35 MB
Only the Young Journey 04:05 8.41 MB
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' Journey 03:54 7.95 MB
Faithfully Journey 04:33 8.97 MB
I'll Be Alright Without You Journey 04:34 9.63 MB
The album Journey - Greatest Hits contains 16 tracks that accumulates 01:05:25 minutes or 138.14 MB
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A short description:
In the ’80s, Journey was high on the list of bands loved by fans and reviled by critics. But today, they’re still heard and embraced – sometimes by the kind of people who sneered the first time around. (Witness the in-concert cover of “Lights” by fellow Bay Area stalwarts Green Day.) With frontman Steve Perry applying lessons learned from Sam Cooke, Journey’s Greatest Hits often sounds like a primer in pop idealism. “Lights” is a mellow smile about the joys of city life, “Any Way You Want It” a tip of the hat to Everygirl. And though “Don’t Stop Believin’” places itself on a scale with the songs that open Olympic games, it’s really all about that one small-town escapee on “the midnight train to anywhere.”