Download Album Keb' Mo' - Suitcase

Song Artist Duration Size
I See Love Keb' Mo' 03:58 8.06 MB
I'm a Hero Keb' Mo' 04:45 9.47 MB
Life Is Beautiful Keb' Mo' 04:16 8.56 MB
Eileen Keb' Mo' 06:31 12.88 MB
Rita Keb' Mo' 04:52 9.77 MB
The Itch Keb' Mo' 04:55 9.92 MB
Suitcase Keb' Mo' 04:50 9.74 MB
I'll Be Your Water Keb' Mo' 03:14 6.68 MB
Remain Silent Keb' Mo' 04:42 9.71 MB
Whole 'Nutha Thang Keb' Mo' 03:55 8.03 MB
Still There for Me Keb' Mo' 03:10 6.52 MB
Your Love Keb' Mo' 04:18 8.94 MB
The album Keb' Mo' - Suitcase contains 12 tracks that accumulates 00:53:26 minutes or 108.27 MB
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A short description:
Suitcase proves that Keb’ Mo’ looks far beyond the blues scene for inspiration. With producer John Porter judiciously applying texture and space, the singer/guitarist blends genres the way a painter mixes colors. The Latin-flavored “Eileen” sways like palm trees while wafts of pedal steel float through the warm air. Underpinned by flickering organ, “Still There for Me” is minimalistic soul warmed by tender introspection. And the playful, front-porch picking of “Life Is Beautiful” highlights the dexterous musician's deep love for country bluesman Taj Mahal.