Download Album Kansas - The Best of Kansas

Song Artist Duration Size
No One Together Kansas 06:57 13.75 MB
Point of Know Return Kansas 03:11 6.68 MB
Closet Chronicles Kansas 06:54 13.67 MB
Song for America Kansas 09:06 19.36 MB
Carry On Wayward Son Kansas 05:21 10.64 MB
Fight Fire With Fire Kansas 03:40 7.50 MB
Dust In the Wind Kansas 03:25 7.28 MB
The Devil Game Kansas 05:03 10.84 MB
The Pinnacle Kansas 09:35 21.36 MB
Play the Game Tonight Kansas 03:26 7.02 MB
Hold On Kansas 03:51 7.72 MB
The Wall Kansas 04:46 9.55 MB
The album Kansas - The Best of Kansas contains 12 tracks that accumulates 01:05:15 minutes or 135.38 MB
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A short description:
The Best of Kansas draws upon the band’s work from their mid-‘70s heyday through their early ‘80s period. Steve Walsh’s clear-toned vocals lend these tracks a heroic quality, while his keyboard touch adds neo-classical embellishments. Also crucial to the Kansas sound is Robbie Steinhardt’s deft violin work and Kerry Livgren’s strategic guitar crunch.