Download Album Snow Patrol - Eyes Open

Song Artist Duration Size
You're All I Have Snow Patrol 04:32 9.44 MB
You Could Be Happy Snow Patrol 03:01 6.28 MB
Chasing Cars Snow Patrol 04:25 8.94 MB
Open Your Eyes Snow Patrol 05:38 11.26 MB
The Finish Line Snow Patrol 03:29 7.01 MB
Make This Go On Forever Snow Patrol 05:45 11.33 MB
Digital Booklet - Eyes Open Snow Patrol 00:00 2.67 MB
Set the Fire to the Third Bar Snow Patrol 03:22 6.83 MB
Shut Your Eyes Snow Patrol 03:15 6.67 MB
Hands Open Snow Patrol 03:15 6.71 MB
It's Beginning to Get to Me Snow Patrol 04:33 9.14 MB
Warmer Climate (Bonus Track) Snow Patrol 04:11 8.34 MB
Headlights On Dark Roads Snow Patrol 03:28 7.16 MB
The album Snow Patrol - Eyes Open contains 12 tracks that accumulates 00:48:54 minutes or 101.78 MB
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A short description:
Ireland’s Snow Patrol’s second major label release goes lush without going limp, arena-bound without sacrificing intimacy. The opening cut, “You’re All I Have,” roars out of the speakers, but Gary Lightbody never abandons the melody, delicately dropping the notes in sublime resignation. Elsewhere, the band builds ethereal mystique (“You Could Be Happy”) and kaleidoscopic textures (“It’s Beginning to Get to Me”) for maximum effect.