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Song Artist Duration Size
Digital Booklet - 4 Your Eyez Only J. Cole 00:00 7.77 MB
Neighbors J. Cole 03:36 7.41 MB
She's Mine, Pt. 2 J. Cole 04:38 9.39 MB
Change J. Cole 05:31 11.24 MB
4 Your Eyez Only J. Cole 08:50 17.17 MB
For Whom the Bell Tolls J. Cole 02:07 4.65 MB
Deja Vu J. Cole 04:26 8.75 MB
Immortal J. Cole 03:20 6.82 MB
She's Mine, Pt. 1 J. Cole 03:32 7.36 MB
Foldin Clothes J. Cole 05:16 10.49 MB
Ville Mentality J. Cole 03:11 6.75 MB
The album J. Cole - 4 Your Eyez Only contains 10 tracks that accumulates 00:44:27 minutes or 97.78 MB
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A short description:
4 Your Eyez Only plunges deep into J. Cole’s soul. You can clearly hear it in his voice—pleading, testifying, on the verge of cracking. At center stage with no featured guests, the North Carolina rapper speaks out on social ills, black lives, and doing the right thing in a world of wrong. The music is settled, filled with jazz touches and strings, allowing the words to become the focus. “Neighbors” and “Change” examine imbalances and tension affecting communities of color. “Foldin Clothes” shows that even benign acts can be a source of joy. The two-part suite “She’s Mine” may be the most important songs he’s written, as Cole finds himself overcome by a strange feeling: hope.