Download Album Lady Gaga - Joanne (Deluxe)

Song Artist Duration Size
Angel Down (Work Tape) Lady Gaga 02:19 4.78 MB
Come to Mama Lady Gaga 04:14 8.51 MB
Joanne Lady Gaga 03:16 6.66 MB
Dancin' in Circles Lady Gaga 03:27 7.17 MB
Perfect Illusion Lady Gaga 03:02 6.24 MB
Diamond Heart Lady Gaga 03:30 7.13 MB
Digital Booklet - Joanne (Deluxe) Lady Gaga 00:00 6.43 MB
Angel Down Lady Gaga 03:49 7.67 MB
A-YO Lady Gaga 03:27 7.02 MB
Grigio Girls Lady Gaga 03:00 6.15 MB
John Wayne Lady Gaga 02:54 6.06 MB
Million Reasons Lady Gaga 03:25 6.92 MB
Just Another Day Lady Gaga 02:58 6.12 MB
Sinner's Prayer Lady Gaga 03:43 7.54 MB
Hey Girl (feat. Florence Welch) Lady Gaga 04:15 8.50 MB
The album Lady Gaga - Joanne (Deluxe) contains 14 tracks that accumulates 00:47:19 minutes or 102.91 MB
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A short description:
On her most personal LP to date, Gaga aims for authenticity. Named after the superstar’s late aunt, Joanne pivots away from the conceptual disco of 2013’s ARTPOP for a set of lived-in folk (the gorgeous title cut), wild-eyed rock (“Diamond Heart”), and windswept country (“Grigio Girls”). A vibrant list of collaborators includes Florence Welch, Mark Ronson, BloodPop, Beck, Josh Homme, and Father John Misty mastermind Josh Tillman.