Download Album Beth Hart - Fire on the Floor

Song Artist Duration Size
Picture in a Frame Beth Hart 04:39 9.34 MB
Woman You've Been Dreaming Of Beth Hart 04:24 8.77 MB
Love Gangster Beth Hart 04:09 8.39 MB
Jazz Man Beth Hart 03:51 7.77 MB
No Place Like Home Beth Hart 03:51 7.84 MB
Fat Man Beth Hart 03:51 7.70 MB
Tell Her You Belong to Me (feat. Jeff Beck) [Bonus Track] Beth Hart 04:09 8.42 MB
Let's Get Together Beth Hart 03:39 7.48 MB
Love Is a Lie Beth Hart 03:15 6.64 MB
Coca Cola Beth Hart 03:38 7.37 MB
Fire on the Floor Beth Hart 05:11 10.32 MB
Baby Shot Me Down Beth Hart 03:22 6.91 MB
Good Day to Cry Beth Hart 04:31 9.02 MB
The album Beth Hart - Fire on the Floor contains 13 tracks that accumulates 00:52:30 minutes or 105.97 MB
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A short description:
The L.A. singer sizzles on these inspired jazz and blues tunes.