Download Album Jon Pardi - California Sunrise

Song Artist Duration Size
Head over Boots Jon Pardi 03:23 6.93 MB
Out of Style Jon Pardi 05:05 10.14 MB
Can't Turn You Down Jon Pardi 03:24 6.89 MB
Heartache on the Dance Floor Jon Pardi 03:25 6.95 MB
Night Shift Jon Pardi 02:52 5.99 MB
She Ain't In It Jon Pardi 03:18 6.74 MB
Dirt on My Boots Jon Pardi 03:23 6.83 MB
All Time High Jon Pardi 03:53 7.84 MB
Lucky Tonight Jon Pardi 03:28 7.03 MB
California Sunrise Jon Pardi 04:14 8.87 MB
Paycheck Jon Pardi 03:08 6.46 MB
Cowboy Hat Jon Pardi 03:18 6.69 MB
The album Jon Pardi - California Sunrise contains 12 tracks that accumulates 00:42:51 minutes or 87.35 MB
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A short description:
Rowdy, throwback country tunes with a little edge and a lot of fiddle, Jon Pardi’s sophomore album is a bid to bring the genre back to its tough and twangy roots. After hitting a string of wild Texas dance halls, the California native was determined to capture the boisterous energy of a live show without resigning to EDM trends. So he recorded with a seven-piece band that included a fiddle, hand claps, a tambourine, and a steel guitar to give each song extra punch. “Dirt on My Boots,” a howling ode to letting loose, was designed to lure listeners off their stools and onto the floor. “Might have a little dirt on my boots," he sings, "but we’re gonna dance the dust right off them tonight.”