Download Album The Lumineers - Cleopatra (Deluxe)

Song Artist Duration Size
Everyone Requires a Plan (Bonus Track) The Lumineers 02:40 6.19 MB
Patience The Lumineers 01:37 3.55 MB
Sick in the Head The Lumineers 02:31 5.19 MB
Sleep on the Floor The Lumineers 03:31 7.39 MB
Where the Skies Are Blue (Bonus Track) The Lumineers 02:20 4.89 MB
In the Light The Lumineers 03:51 7.95 MB
Cleopatra [Acoustic Demo] (Bonus Track) The Lumineers 04:48 9.61 MB
Cleopatra The Lumineers 03:21 6.98 MB
Gale Song The Lumineers 03:13 6.56 MB
My Eyes The Lumineers 03:36 7.41 MB
Angela The Lumineers 03:21 6.74 MB
White Lie (Bonus Track) The Lumineers 03:15 6.59 MB
Gun Song The Lumineers 03:36 7.38 MB
Ophelia The Lumineers 02:40 5.59 MB
Long Way from Home The Lumineers 02:32 5.36 MB
The album The Lumineers - Cleopatra (Deluxe) contains 15 tracks that accumulates 00:46:52 minutes or 97.38 MB
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A short description:
A collection of intimate stories about love, loneliness, and redemption, The Lumineer’s second full-length album has all the heart-on-sleeve hallmarks of their breakthrough debut. But here, the character-driven vignettes—about the lonely new girl in town, Ophelia, and the Egyptian queen of the title—feature thoughtful, luxurious production. The combination is powerful; with churning guitars and sweeping emotion, these are beautiful stories to tell.