Download Album Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

  • Date Released: 1975-09-12
  • Genres: Rock Music Arena Rock Prog-Rock/Art Rock
  • Tracks Count: 5
  • ℗ 2016 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Pink Floyd Music Ltd., marketed and distributed by Sony Music Entertainment
Song Artist Duration Size
Wish You Were Here - iTunes LP Pink Floyd 00:00 3.22 MB
Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 1-5 Pink Floyd 13:31 29.07 MB
Welcome to the Machine Pink Floyd 07:31 16.42 MB
Have a Cigar Pink Floyd 05:07 10.49 MB
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 05:34 12.02 MB
Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pts. 6-9 Pink Floyd 12:27 26.94 MB
The album Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here contains 5 tracks that accumulates 00:44:10 minutes or 98.16 MB
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A short description:
As sprawling as their earlier epic The Dark Side of the Moon yet more focused, this 1975 jewel featured lengthy, left-of-center excursions (“Shine on You Crazy Diamond”) that were both majestic and reverent—along with a couple barbs thrown at the music industry ("Have a Cigar," "Welcome to the Machine"). It's also partly Pink Floyd’s anguished and glorious tribute to the gifted Syd Barrett—whose career with the band ended seven years earlier—and a moving set from top to bottom.