Download Album Avicii - Stories

  • Date Released: 2015-10-02
  • Genres: Dance Music
  • Tracks Count: 14
  • ℗ 2015 Avicii Music AB under exclusive license to Universal Music AB
Song Artist Duration Size
Can't Catch Me Avicii 03:59 8.05 MB
Waiting For Love Avicii 03:50 7.74 MB
Somewhere In Stockholm Avicii 03:22 6.92 MB
Trouble Avicii 02:51 5.93 MB
Talk To Myself Avicii 03:55 7.92 MB
True Believer Avicii 04:48 9.56 MB
Pure Grinding Avicii 02:51 5.86 MB
Ten More Days Avicii 04:05 8.32 MB
Gonna Love Ya Avicii 03:35 7.25 MB
Broken Arrows Avicii 03:52 7.86 MB
For a Better Day Avicii 03:26 7.01 MB
Touch Me Avicii 03:06 6.36 MB
Sunset Jesus Avicii 04:24 8.92 MB
City Lights Avicii 06:28 13.30 MB
The album Avicii - Stories contains 14 tracks that accumulates 00:54:32 minutes or 111.00 MB
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A short description:
If Avicii shocked everyone by combining bluegrass and dance on True, then Stories should really flip some lids: It takes in reggae (with Wyclef Jean), jazzy hip-hop, Southern ditties (with Zac Brown), and lots more. On "Touch Me," Avicii transforms luscious disco-diva vibes into hooky radio pop; then he molds Coldplay's Chris Martin into a seasoned EDM top-liner on "True Believer.” Even the soft-rocker “Ten More Days” has its own kind of drop—a vocal crescendo that gives way to a funky synth solo to take it all home.