Download Album Disturbed - The Sickness

Song Artist Duration Size
Meaning of Life Disturbed 04:01 8.49 MB
Down With the Sickness Disturbed 04:38 10.25 MB
Want Disturbed 03:52 8.35 MB
Droppin' Plates Disturbed 03:48 8.29 MB
Conflict Disturbed 04:35 10.25 MB
Stupify Disturbed 04:33 10.01 MB
Shout 2000 Disturbed 04:18 9.49 MB
The Game Disturbed 03:47 8.33 MB
Numb Disturbed 03:44 8.35 MB
Voices Disturbed 03:11 7.41 MB
Violence Fetish Disturbed 03:23 7.67 MB
Fear Disturbed 03:46 7.88 MB
The album Disturbed - The Sickness contains 12 tracks that accumulates 00:47:36 minutes or 104.77 MB
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A short description:
Some artists arrive so fully formed, they make an instant impact. The 2000 debut album from this Chicago metal four-piece is a heavy classic, thanks to its masterful welding of catchy hooks and creepy sound effects to stomping power riffs. David Draiman’s dynamic vocals shift between clean, staccato rapping and harsh screams, pushing standouts like “Down With the Sickness” and “Stupify” into nu-metal territory. Meanwhile, the electronic elements on “The Game” and a bold remake of Tears for Fears’ hit “Shout” nail Disturbed’s experimental streak.