Download Album Luke Bryan - Kill the Lights

Song Artist Duration Size
Strip It Down Luke Bryan 04:01 8.61 MB
Kick the Dust Up Luke Bryan 03:10 6.88 MB
To the Moon and Back Luke Bryan 03:58 8.39 MB
Move Luke Bryan 03:47 8.23 MB
Scarecrows Luke Bryan 03:38 7.84 MB
Kill the Lights Luke Bryan 02:59 6.48 MB
Fast Luke Bryan 03:26 7.51 MB
Way Way Back Luke Bryan 03:19 7.49 MB
Razor Blade Luke Bryan 03:41 7.82 MB
Love It Gone Luke Bryan 03:38 7.86 MB
Huntin', Fishin' and Lovin' Every Day Luke Bryan 04:38 9.99 MB
Just Over Luke Bryan 03:13 7.23 MB
Home Alone Tonight (feat. Karen Fairchild) Luke Bryan 03:10 6.80 MB
The album Luke Bryan - Kill the Lights contains 13 tracks that accumulates 00:46:38 minutes or 101.12 MB
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A short description:
At nearly 40, perennial country partyboy Luke Bryan’s still out for fun, but he also sounds like he's rethinking what that word means. Following what he says is the last of his Spring Break EPs, Kill the Lights opens with the backroads rallying cry of “Kick the Dust Up” and follows with the Hall & Oates-style slink of the title track before settling into “Strip it Down,” a ballad about marital romance that doubles as a metaphor for simplicity: “We both know that we lost it somehow / Let’s get it found / Strip it down.”